Fatima Seedat graduated from UCT in 2014 with a BSc (Hons) in physiotherapy. Spent time working in hospitals and various outpatient practices where she’s had experience treating a range of patients including high performance athletes.
She is passionate about hands-on treatment and dedicated to provide holistic, individualized assessment, treatment and rehabilitation.

Physiotherapists in South Africa are classified as first line practitioners; i.e. we are qualified to make a diagnosis regarding musculo-skeletal injuries and conditions. Physiotherapists use various treatment modalities for the treatment and rehabilitation of injuries.

Conditions treated

Sports injuries
Joint and soft tissue injuries (sprains/strains)
Back and neck pain
Prolapsed discs
Mechanical lower back pain
Joint degeneration
Lifting techniques/advice
Repetitive strain and overuse injuries
Post-surgical orthopaedic conditions
Ligament reconstructions
Tendon repairs
Shoulder and elbow post-surgery rehabilitation
Meniscectomy (removal of knee cartilage) rehabilitation
Removal of spinal discs
Joint replacements
Arthritic conditions
Postural malalignment and dysfunction
Postural dysfunction and muscle imbalance
Ergonomic strain and injuries
Stress management

Contact Fatima: 082 759 5122

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